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Refund, Resend and Returns Policy

This refund policy is to be used as a resource by dropshippers who work with Yo Dropshipping
Please review the following policies carefully.
Yo Dropshipping offers a quicker dispute solution and will appreciate it a lot if Yo Dropshippingu provide:
  1. Photos or videos of the damaged item to prove damage. If the photo cannot prove the products are damaged, please upload the video.
  2. Screenshot of the e-mail or dispute received including name, date and content. In other words, a customer has sent the complaint (Through PayPal Dispute or other Gateway, e-mail, etc.).
  3. The products need to be returned toYo Dropshipping if our Dispute Team asks for a return.
Except the important interpretation, Yo Dropshipping will make Refund, Resend, or Accept the Return for any of the following cases:
1.Orders Delayed
Orders are lacking tracking information, in transit, pending, expired after 60 days counting from the date that order departed fromYo Dropshipping warehouse. Following countries and shipping methods may be different:
  1. For orders shipped to the USA, it is after 45 days counting from the date that order departed fromYo Dropshipping warehouse.
  2. For Brazil, it is after 110 days counting from the date that order departed fromYo Dropshipping warehouse due to the strict customs clearance at Brazil.
  3. For China Post Registered Air Mail andYo Dropshipping liquid direct line to all counties,Yo Dropshipping will deal with Yo Dropshippingur dispute for delayed orders after 100 days counting from the date that order departed fromYo Dropshipping warehouse.
  4. For some special shipping methods,Yo Dropshipping cannot deal with Yo Dropshippingur disputes. (See the following important interpretation)
Sometimes, the order had arrived at the nearest post office to the buyer and make it pending because of insufficient address, package unclaimed, no such number, etc. It will be much more convenient for clients to contact local post office or go to the post office for delivery.
2.Orders not Received.
3.Products Damaged
4.Incorrect or Missing Products
5.Orders Cancellation

1.Deadline of Opening Dispute
Yo Dropshippingu cannot open a dispute if the order status is closed. Yo Dropshippingur dispute cannot be resolved when tracking information from a third party is untraceable.
  1. For bulk purchase orders, the close date usually is around 30 days.
  2. Dispute will be closed automatically if the order has been closed and Yo Dropshippingu have not responded for seven consecutive days.
2.Force Majeure
3.Shipping Method Limits
4.Destination Limits
6.Service Products
7.Unacceptable Disputes