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how to setup automatically droship orders on Yo

Welcome to Yo dropshipping. After you registered Yo account,you may want to know how to setup automatically orders on Yo.Here are the steps assist you achieve that. After these steps, Yo team will automatically handle your shop orders, ship for you, sync the tracking number for you.
  1. Authorize Shopify to our app
  2. Post sourcing request on YO
  3. Connect products to your source success sku
  4. Sync your orders and finish the payment
  5. Set up your own shipping method template

you can also check below video for the process step

Detailed Directions:

1.Authorize Shopify to our app.Please go to my Yo/ Authorization/Shopify add store
2.Post sourcing request on YO,here are three ways that you can get your product quotation.
a.For the existing products in your shop and Yo.Go to My Yo/Products Connection, choose your shop and click Search
b.The products not existing on Yo. If you didn’t find the product,you can post a sourcing request by click My Yo/Product Sourcing/add sourcing
3.Connect your products to Yo.Go to My Yo/Porducts Connection. Choose your product and the one you sourced on Yo, click connect.Select the corresponding products for connrction.
4.Check the orders automatically imported from your store in My Yo/orders/Imported Orders.Then you can choose the orders to be fulfilled by Yo.
5.Set up your own shipping method template
Go to My Yo/Shipping Method to set up the shipping method.(The first one Shipping method template is Yo Default,this template will normally be enabled when the logistics you set cannot reach a certain country)
Select drag to sort
After you finish these steps, you can add the orders to cart and pay.Yo team will do all the rest for you. If you have any questions,don’t hesitate to contact us.