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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is drop shipping?

Dropshipping simply means : you sell ,we ship it for you. when you have a shop and have selling of one product you don't need to source factory, repack and deliver it. dropship agent will manage all of these processes.

2.Why do you need a professional dropship agent?

A professional dropship agent can help you take care of whole processing : product sourcing, price negotiation, sample test, customized packaging, system authorize, order file fulfill.A professional dropship agent will help you solve any problems you may have.

3.Why Yo dropshipping ?

When you have more orders Aliexpress shipping way is not enough to meet your requirements,and you need a personal agent to assist you the order processing.Continuing to use AliExpress may prevent your business from becoming even bigger.Yo dropshipping could help you find the manufactory and get a lower price, connect advantageous logistics channels to make shipping faster, offer product inspection to reduce your customer complaints.

4.Will you put invoice or receipts along with parcel?

No, all the invoice,receipts,Chinese label will be taken off before it pack.

5.Do you offer customized package?

Yes, we can offer you customized package , like : inset cards, poly bag, logo box etc.

6.What's the fulfill step?

  1. Send us the product Aliexpress link or picture and your delivery country
  2. We will find the factory and give the quotation to you
  3. Authorize our system
  4. When you have orders we can see it on our app and we will send you the order excel and total amount
  5. Confirm the order and finish the payment
  6. We fulfill the order and enter the tracking number to our system and it will sync to your shop and send to your customer
  7. Place the order to factory and delivery to our warehouse and we repack it and ship out

7.Do you offer POD(Print on Demand) dropshiping service?

Yes, we can offer POD products dropship,you can send the POD file to your agent,he will arrange it.

8.What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Paypal, Strip