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How Are Your Customized Packaging Applied?

Normally, we will pack the order according to your custom packaging.
Below are the custom packaging we can offer:
  1. Jewelry box
  2. Thanks giving Card
  3. Small gift(like ring, hairband, trinket)
  4. Stickers
  5. User manual
  6. Raffia
  7. Express bag
  8. Small carton
  9. Watch box
  10. Custom logo box

How we use the customized packaging

1.Jewelry box

We will take out it’s original packaging and position it at box particular place. If the box is a normal one without any positioner, then we will put the jewelry into the box along with the original packaging.

2.Thanks giving Card

We will put the Thanks giving card together with the product in express bag.

3.Small gift(like ring, hairband, trinket)

You can buy small gift inventory and storage in our warehouse we will put it in your order.


Pasted it on the product unless there have a note on how to apply it.

5.User manual

Replace the original instruction with the new user manual.


Put the raffia and your product in the box together.

7.Express bag

We will directly paste the shipping label to its surface without covering the logo of clients, the shipping bag outside won't be needed.

8.Small carton

We will keep original packaging and put the product into the custom carton.

9.Watch box

We will remove all original packaging and put the watch into the watch box.

10.Custom logo box

 We will keep the opp pack and put the product into the custom box.
If you have any questions, just feel free to contact us!